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Monday, November 10, 2008

Guess who I am!

Who Am I?

I was born on Feb. 21, 1963 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. My parents & their parents were all Idaho natives.

I am the oldest of 5. My mom had remarried, and I gained 1 stepbrother. My dad remarried & I got 2 more brothers, and 1 more sister (not shown in pic).

I am shown in the far right in mid row. This pic was taken about 12 years ago.

I grew up in Idaho Falls attending a Catholic private school 1st grade thru 8th grade. I was a cheerleader in 7th & 8th grade, and drill team in 8th grade. Our class of about 36 became very close for 8 years, and went through a lot together. After we graduated in 8th grade in 1977, we were all distributed to 3 different public schools. The above pic shows me in 9th grade in drill team in 1978/79. I was one of the assistant drill mistresses. I'm in the back row 2nd from the left. It was quite an experience to be thrown into a new group of girls, and you know how much drama that can be!!!

I graduated from Idaho Falls High School in 1981.

I had my firstborn in 1986, Jared, from my 1st marriage. My 2nd child, Vanessa was born in 1990 from my 2nd marriage. I was a single mom for quite a few years working in doctor's offices, and barely surviving. Greg and I married in 1998, and had Carissa in 2000. The pic above was taken about 3 years ago. Greg is a very caring awesome man, and works hard to provide for us. I've been working in medical billing at PMI in Boise, Idaho for 10 years now. I am blessed to have a great job to have extra money for my hobbies!

Since my son moved out on his own, I have made his bedroom into my scrapbook & craft room. It is a work in progress! To anyone else it looks like a cluttered disorganized mess. To me it is my refuge & haven away from the big bad world. I can't create unless all my supplies and goodies are around me. If I put everything away, then I forget I have them!

I can't live without my fiskars paper trimmer ( I have 3 of them), my sharp scissors, and my paper piercer. {My paper piercer has many uses other than just making holes for mini brads!} I buy a lot of DCWV paper stacks with my coupons at Joann's. I love working with bright colors.

My favorite TV shows have always been Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, and ER!

I guess my bad habit would have to be cafeine. I love Pumpkin Spice latte's from Starbucks this time of year!

If I could hang out with anyone for the day, I guess it would be a soldier in Iraq. I would like to take a lot of photos of what goes on there. I know it would be dangerous, so the only thing stopping me would be that I have children (and a grandchild on the way) that depend on me right now. I'll leave it at that.

I love collecting Coca Cola stuff! It just looks cool! My kitchen is done in that theme. I also knit & crochet. I've been teaching knitting classes at work on my lunch breaks. It's a blast!

I also love Disney & wearing my BSU hoodie! I am SERIOUSLY a big college football fan of the BOISE STATE BRONCOS!!

Since I have hit my 40's, I am more sure of who I am. I have stronger political & moral views. My self image is not dependent on what others think of me. It's nice when people agree with me, but if they don't, I am fine with that. I have come to realize that even though others don't agree with me, I don't take it personal. Everyone has the right to their own views, as long as they respect mine. I believe in family morals and values. The family is the heart of this country, and does not need to be redefined!

I also enjoy being a nut, and doing things totally unexpected! I dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow this Halloween and won 1st place at work. My coworkers could not figure out who I was! It was great!

I am Cindy Arthur - username "luv2scrap*4fun"!